jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

July Group Gift & Midnight Mania

Ok I know it's a bit early to release these
but I am going away from second life
for a bit so I wanted to give you guys your monthly gift
and the midnight mania before I left.
Will see yall soon, in about a month or maybe just a few weeks.
XoXo Abella Serenity

    July Group Midnight Mania
Includes Mesh Top
And Jeans With Sculpted Prim Cuffs
Target 40
Credits: Flip Flops Group Gift From J's

July Group Gift
Micro Halter Dress
Remember To Wear Your Group
Tag And This Sexy Dress Is Yours Instantly.

Group Membership Is Free!
Taxy To Dulce

viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

Weekend Sale Item!

This weekend's sale item
Dirty Mind Outfit - Pink
Includes Tube Top, Bra, Skirt,
Leggings and Belly Tattoo.
Original price 150L
Yours this weekend for only 50L
Taxy To Dulce

jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

New Denim Vests- Mesh!!!

Denim Vests- Mesh
Available In 5 Colors and 5 Designs
Includes 5 Standard Sizes
150L Each

Taxy To Dulce


As always, I do the humpday dollarbie,
unfortunately yesterday I was feeling sicky :(
so I wasn't able to do it.
So I put this really cute outfit for 1L
for the rest of the week until next monday!!!
Rawr Outfit - Color Green
Only 1L
Includes Top, Pasty, Undys,
Stalkings and Boots.
Regular price 250L
Taxy To Dulce

domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

New Sweater Blouses - Mesh!

New Sweater Blouses!
Mesh- Includes 5 Standard Sizes
Available In 6 Colors
Plain Blouse, Zebra Blouse and Leo Blouse
150L Each

Taxy To Dulce

Show Me Your Style Hunt!

The Show Me Your Style Hunt Has Started!
Get these Delicia Lingeries made exclusively
for the SMYSH @ only 1L
You get these three colors, multilayered options,
very sexy for those intimate moments or just because
you wanna look xtra fabulous.
There is a poster sign at the entrance
of my store with a hint!
Just click the clock and read the hint and ur on ur way
to finding this baby!
Many other stores are participating
and I must say, there are many other great goodies
to find in this hunt so let's get ur hunting skills on
and collect all these clock goodies :)
Taxy To Dulce

viernes, 8 de junio de 2012

New Mesh Corset!

Mesh Corset
Color Change Scripted
Simply Touch It And Change To The Color You Want!
Includes 3 Standard Sizes
Small, Medium and Large

Taxy To Dulce

Weekend Sale Item!!!

This Weekend Sale Item
Is This Beautiful Summery
Mesh Tube Dress In Green Color.
It Includes 5 Standard Sizes
And 2 Alpha Mask Layers.
Original Price Is 200L
Yours This Weekend For Only 50L
Hair: Exile (New)
Taxy To Dulce

miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012

New Items!!

Mad Tanks - Mesh
Available In 6 Colors
Includes 5 Standard Sizes
Only 50L Each!!!

Booty Shorts
Pack Of 8 Colors
Only 100L!!!

Taxy To Dulce

HumpDay Dollarbie!

HumpDay Dollarbie!
Sexy Jeans - Yellow
Original Price 180L
1L Only Today!

Also Don't Forget Our Clearance Sale.
Today Is The Last Day!!!
Lingerie, Skins, Tattoos, Dresses, Outfits & Fatpacks!!
Everything Green Tagged Is Clearance.
50% - 75% Off.

Taxy To Dulce

domingo, 3 de junio de 2012

viernes, 1 de junio de 2012

First Of The Month Means New Goodies @ Dulce!!!!

For the month of June as every month, a new group gift!
This month we have this really cute micro mini tube dress
in pink, glittery, short and very extra sexy :p
great for partying or just cause you wanna look wonderful
at NO COST! Is free, so is VIP group membership
and this dress is yours :)

New Midnight Mania!!!
And is so oh MUST HAVE.
Three beautiful mesh summer dresses,
green, pink and cyan, yes you get all three of them by
slapping the board! These dresses include 5 standard sizes.
Group needed to slap the board and remember
group membership is FREE no fees.
Target for this month is 80 slaps a day so come down to Dulce,
join the group if you haven't and invite your friends to do so too.
All MM's are exclusive and will not be sold or given
as MM gift ever again!

Weekend Sale Item is this cute, skanky outfit!
Includes tank top, pasty, skirt and undys
for 50L only this weekend.
Original price is 100L
With these offers and all the new items,
a visit to Dulce this weekend is a MUST!
Have a nice weekend everyone <3

Taxy To Dulce